Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taking a punt on the Gold Coast

I'm uncertain if it's in any way symbolic but just 11 hours before April Fool's Day the Gold Coast was given the green light for the 17th AFL licence.

FYI, the almost imperceptible keening sound you're hearing is coming from Tasmania.

Now the Gold Coast footy club already has a mascot named, with all the ponderous skill of marketing group think, Gary Clifford Irons, so the title "GC Irons" is probably being stencilled onto to overpriced merchandise as I type.

Looking at Gary, you get the impression they wanted a 21st century Chesty Bond but settled for a Captain Hero. And while everything from the stingrays (crikey!) to the sharks has been proposed as a team name, strangely no-one has gone for the cheap and obvious.

The Gold Coast Melanomas anyone?

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