Sunday, April 5, 2009

Displaced not bested

News that former Dear Leader John Howard has selected artist Jiawei Shen to paint his official portrait, which will be hung in Parliament House. Portraits of the last 12 serving PMs are displayed on the first gallery floor and this means that when Honest John's picture is completed, another Prime Minister's portrait will be moved to Old Parliament House to make room.

It's a strict first-on, first-off rota so it will be an earlier PM who gets the chop for the man of steel. This is the first and last time that Howard will displace John Curtin on any level.

Currently, there is a painting by Josonia Palaitis of John Winston and Hyacinth on display at the National Portrait Gallery. Whether or not he was playing "pocket billiards" during the sitting I will leave for you, gentle reader, to decide.

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