Friday, April 24, 2009

Pinching a phrase

I stumbled across the neatly named The Berra Circular while trawling for Canberra info.

Miss Andrea writes a good post and has a habit of calling a prominent ACT water feature Lake Curly-Gherkin which made me haha face* immediately.

In the spirit of the interwebs, I intend to steal this phrase and use it as if it was my own. Must also start a definitive list of current Canberra blogs and buy some milk.

*Our Notional Capital equivalent to LOL or a smiley :)

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Anonymous said...

Take it, it's yours. Glad you like it.

And, if we're all being honest here, I have to declare I borrowed the phrase from a lovely if wacky friend who first used it in my hearing about 15 years ago now. It's only taken me 14 years to have good reason to use it.

Enjoying Our Notional Capital, lots.

- Miss Andrea

our man in Canberra said...

Thanks Miss Andrea. Also apologies for this tardy reply - guess who hadn't ticked the little box that tells you when a comment is posted to your blog...