Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lunch at the Gorge

Well, it's official. The George Harcourt Inn at Gold Creek Village has the most ferociously average pub food in Canberra.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Don, Karl, Neil and the Underbelly

Overheard from a Channel Nine Sydney sports report:

...the 20-year-old drawing comparisons with the incomparable Don Bradman.

Really? So is the Don incomparable or is Phil Hughes that good?

Of course the Nine Network often provides viewers with short jolts of non-comprehension mixed with delicate slabs of unintentional humour. On Friday morning those two stalwarts of Queensland journalism (yes, that would be Karl Stefanovic and Neil Breen) turned their finely honed analytical skills to Kiwi criticism of Matthew Newton's accent in Underbelly 2.

Breen's considered opinion? New Zealanders are touchy whingers who just liked to take offence. Kind of like those hillbilly rednecks up north, eh Neil? That's the trouble with lazy cliches masquerading as content, they can resemble double-sided sticky tape.

Next up the editor of the Sunday Telegraph (yes, again that would be Neil Breen, who replaced former editor Jeni O'Dowd several years ago when shocked News Limited senior management discovered she didn't have a penis*) took on the notion that Underbelly somehow glorified criminal behaviour.

From the Breen perspective, this was a bit of a beat up by some old journo who covered the orginal story back in the day. Well Pat Booth, the journo referred to, did point out in some detail what a waste of space Terry Clark was in this article, he also wrote the first book on the Mr Asia gang, and Clark apparently wanted him dead because of his work on the story.

So how an old pro like Booth managed to confuse over 13 hours of prime time television, heavily promoted by in-house promos, media interviews and profiles, intensive advertising and the release of a soundtrack as glorification is hard to imagine.

Just as it's hard to imagine Neil and Karl ever voicing an opinion that isn't absolutely predictable.

*Admittedly a cheap jibe at News Ltd, O'Dowd was actually moved on because she had a vagina.

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