Friday, May 22, 2009

Broad minds and bar mat mums

Annice Smoel appeared on television last night recounting the terror of the last few weeks and bearing troubling news. People in different countries are… well… they’re different.

It was really scary. I couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying to me. They were all speaking Thai. No one spoke English.

Annice was in Thailand at the time

The police officers handed me documents that were all in Thai. At first I refused to sign. In the end I had to sign a lot of documentation that was written in Thai.

Apparently, Thailand has its own written language and police force.

I asked him [Wichai Praisa-nob, Governor of Phuket] if he could guarantee me that I wouldn’t go to jail and he said yes, but I was very distrusting of the system over there so I was still really scared they might slap the cuffs on and put me in there [jail].

As well as an independent government and a penal system.

But I just had to trust him or Australia, or you guys or someone would kick up a fuss if I ended up in jail and get me out.

Of course, they’re foreigners and I know they do this sort of thing all the time.

While the 36 year-old seemed to struggle with the notion that international travel might require some compliance with local laws and customs, she did remember the Tooter Turtle option – admit nothing, blame others and when the night goes tits up yell “Help me Mr Wizard!” good and loud.

And if you don’t know a wizard then four photogenic daughters, a complacent mainstream media and politicians keen to talk about something other than the budget will do just as well.

The good news for the people of Thailand is Annice doesn’t plan on returning

No, I'll never go back. It was by far the worst experience I've ever been through.

Some of us felt a little like that and our only mistake was watching the telly.

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