Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the list but definitely no cellar door

If you're browsing some of the cellar door lists for Canberra, you might come across England’s Creek and Four Winds Vineyard. Both grow grapes and Four Winds does produce wine under its Alinga label, but neither are open to the public.

England’s Creek grows contract grapes for the local wine market so chances are you’ve already gargled some of their produce.

Four Winds has deal with the Arc Cinema at the National Film and Sound Archive but I haven’t been tempted by their screenings lately, so I haven't had a chance to try any (although Our MIC tells me he's spotted them on sale at the Kingston IGA). You can order their wines online and you can also follow them on twitter.


Sarah said...

No cellar door, but we do try to get out and about. Hopefully the National Film and Sound Archive run some movies more to your taste this Summer as it is lovely sitting under the stars on a summer evening in their deck-chairs. Cute blog - I look forward to reading more. Sarah, Four Winds Vineyard.

Dame Mint Pattie said...

Thanks Sarah

I'm looking forward to trying a glass or two at a screening of Metropolis next month.

Tara said...

4 miHi Dame Mint Pattie,
I just found your blog via technorati. I have recently started a (very tame) Canberra blog. It is liveincanberra.blogspot.com.au
Would you mind adding me to your list of Canberra Blogs?


PS - I am not a wine afficionado but my parents grow wine grapes!