Sunday, February 15, 2009

Doc Howard Collects from Bond Uni

With large chunks of north west Victoria reduced to ash and those areas relatively unscathed knee deep in camera crews and meat puppets (i.e. TV breakfast show hosts) it’s good to see someone retaining their sense of humour.

Step forward Rob Stable, Vice-Chancellor of Bond University, who last week awarded John Howard an honorary doctorate in recognition of his "long and distinguished service to Australia, his contribution to economic and social policy reform and his support of a diversified higher education sector".

Whether or not Prof Stable said this with a straight face was not reported.

In October last year Mr Howard visited Bond University as part of the Battle for Global Leadership forum.

As BU’s community newsletter somewhat robotically explained, “Mr Howard’s speech... formed part of Bondstock’s Battle for Ideas speaker series, the academic aspect of the 2008 Bondstock Festival. The series of forums saw presentations by and debates with some of Australia's most brilliant minds.”

(So, you missed the associated media coverage and all the column inches such a first class brainiac bunfight would have generated? Me too.)

Mr Howard last visited Bond in 2006 to open the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine Building and announce an additional $4.5 million grant to the building. Prior to this Bond University Chancellor, big Trev Rowe (or as the community newsletter prefers “Chancellor Trevor C Rowe AM”) was appointed to the Commonwealth government’s Future Fund Board of Guardians*.

And there you were thinking Bond Uni degrees only went to over-chlorinated ex-olympic swimmers and rich kids who are a little slow.

*I'm not sure if the FFBoG is affiliated with the Justice League of America or the Legion of Super-Heroes

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